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What We Do For You

Research, Strategy, Create, Implement

At Total Marketing Package our mission is to create the total marketing package for your needs. From web development to standing on the corner handing out pamphlets. We do it.

Event Marketing

If you have an event to market, give us a call. We will put together a strategy, time line and then implement quickly to get your event filled up. We've worked with businesses providing tours, retreats, classes, and more. Organizing an event is stressful enough, let us worry about getting people there.

We offer any of the services below at a continued rate as to automate your marketing. Never worry about Facebook Ads or finding the time to hand out pamphlets. We automate your marketing process so you can focus on running your business.

Business Marketing

Website development and SEO

We wouldn’t be a modern marketing firm if we didn’t offer web development and SEO services. We aren’t going to just take your money and put it against some words

on Google either. We will create a website that generates value, thus boosting your

Google listing. If you already have a website we can rebuild it to drive more traffic

your way or simply do some SEO tweaking to get you noticed.


We offer design services for with all of our packages. Have us create a logo for your new business or have us design posters, pamphlets, social media ads, etc. for your existing company. We will make sure everything comes out to your specifications and will

re-do anything we need to.

Professional Photography

We offer professional photography for local Colorado businesses. Have us come take pictures to use in ads, blogs, social media, etc. We're experienced in event photography, product photography and social photography in indoor and outdoor scenes. Let us know what you need, when you need it, and we'll be there!


Blogging is stressful. Especially for businesses that are just tying to keep up with the

constant stream of content marketing. Have us create a blog post for you on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Specify the topic and length, and we'll give you a brilliant blog post.

Marketing Couriers

For businesses on the local scene looking for word of mouth. Our marketing couriers are here handing out your pamphlets to other local businesses and letting the public know about you. We do this in a non intrusive way that builds trust and a positive view of your business. We will only go to the groups that are most likely to relate, minimizing the “annoyance factor” of someone walking up to you.


Branding is obviously a huge part of owning a business. Simply, if your brand doesn’t relate to your audience you are wasting time and money. Fortunately, we can help

you! We offer free consulting if you just want some advice or we can re-brand your

whole company to start effectively communicating to the right people.

Viral Projects

This is our favorite form of marketing! We love coming up with new and creative ways to market a business. It’s the campaign that brings emotion to your audience and creates life time followers of your brand. The cool part of this is that it doesn’t always cost an arm

and a leg. Although it can, we can also do this with a camera phone and a brilliant

idea. If you are interested in starting a viral project shoot us over a quick message

and we’ll set up a meeting.

Everything Else

We can’t say we offer a total marketing package if we can’t do something for you. If you're interested in trying something new or want help with something that isn’t offered, give us a call and we’ll do whatever we can to help! We love trying new and creative things that push the limits of marketing and have the resolve to get it done.

Copy Writing

Copy is one of the most important things to get write (see what we did there?). When your audience is reading your website or going through their social feed they need to

be able to understand what you’re offing in a quick and clear way. So whether it's

for your website or Facebook ad we will make sure your message gets across.

Social Club

This is one of our new offers! For small businesses that don’t have the time to post daily on social media or large companies that want to outsource the task. Our social club members are here for you! Take control over your social media with a steady stream of relevant and valuable content. Work with us to create a schedule. We will create the content, get approval then post to your accounts during times with most traffic.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing may seem pretty straight for forward. Yet many still get no results. We make sure to get those results for you! With a combination of proper copy and imagery then A/B testing, we create the best ads that get clicks.

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