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Total Marketing Package

What We Do For You

Research, Strategy, Create, Implement

At Total Marketing Package our mission is to create the total marketing package for your needs. From web development to standing on the corner handing out pamphlets. We do it.

You can visualize our marketing services as an upside down pyramid. We start by casting a wide net of marketing strategies and through data collection and test stages we find what specific strategies work best for your business. No more wasting time and money on marketing strategies that don’t work.


Everything we do is 100% transparent. We share all data with you and explain why moving from one strategy to another will benefit your business.

Strategies we implement



* Google Ads

* Facebook Ads

* Print Ads

* Social Media Marketing

* Influencer Marketing

* Referral Benefits

* Flyer/Pamphlet Distribution

* Email Blasts

* Partnerships

* And More

Products we offer


* Websites

* Facebook Pages

* Instagram Accounts

* Marketing Videos

* Photography

* Blog Posts

* Flyers/Pamphlets

* Social Media Content

* Memes

* Flyers/Pamphlets

* Partnership Mediation

* And More

Example of a three stage test group

Stage 1:

Google Ads    Facebook Ads    SEO

Flyers With Coupon Code    Referral Benefits    Influencer Marketing    Partnership

Stage 2:

Flyers With Coupon Code

Referral Benefits    Facebook Ads

SEO    Partnership

Stage 3:

Referral Benefits

Facebook Ads


When we discover what marketing strategies work best for your business we then focus our energy to achieve the highest conversion rates possible.


But we don’t stop there. As you know, your customers attention is constantly on the move. They may be looking at Facebook one day then Instagram the next. To combat this we are constantly performing small tests to see when attention has moved on. When people are flocking to the next thing you'll be there with open arms.

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Total Marketing Package full service marketing firm.

Strategy, Create, Grow.

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